Mad Frog Militia is the brainchild of  William 'Mad Frog' Crook. It started as Bill bringing together some people he liked to play paintball with, and it has grown into a paintball family that spans all the way across the United States.

Mad Frog Militia travels far and wide on Mad Frog's famous green converted school bus. Our home field is Hell Survivors in Pickney Michigan. You can see us out painting up the competition at nearly every big game hosted there.

Make sure to check our events schedule, as the green bus drives from coast to coast. We have even been known to fly to places the bus can't reach!




William Crook

 In 2000 my son & I were playing paintball A LOT! 

With friends' interest, we purchased a small starter field setup, so we could all have fun playing paintball. A neighbor of a friend's property asked if we could do a paintball field for his church group. I said let me get back to you & 3 days later Mad Frog Portable Paintball Inc was born.

I put together a completely portable system we could take anywhere and we have taken it everywhere corporate parties, private estates, birthday parties in large back yards, carnivals, NASCAR events, air shows, TV shows all over the United States. 

We have provided our services to multiple paintball companies, building new playfields & updating existing playfields.


 Hitmen Air Powered Time Trials systems are built by us in house.

 We now offer many products and services from clothing, playing gear, portable field rental, field construction services, & event promotions.

 Feel free to ask what we can do for you. 


Dave D.

From our Facebook community.

"This is a great group that loves the paintball community and attends several events. We love playing with them and have had some great epic battles playing against them. I hear they are really good at beer pong too... seriously though. They continue to grow the sport and we look forward to participating with them in future events."